Georges Jamet

Georges Jamet, an artist witness to his time

Peinture du Grand Bé
Born in Saint-Malo on November 29, 1926, Georges Jamet spent most of his life in Viroflay in the Parisian suburbs, before dying on May 28, 2016. He joined Saint-Malo for eternity.

Georges Jamet, painter

Georges Jamet among his paintings

Georges Jamet has drawn and painted from a very young age. The oldest drawing of him that has been preserved dates from 1936, the year of his 10 years.

Georges Jamet painting

Exhibition by Georges Jamet

Georges Jamet was recognized during his lifetime. An exhibition of his works was organized by the municipality of Viroflay. We can see him here with the mayor of Viroflay during this exhibition.

A first selection of his paintings, made by Georges Jamet himself is presented here.

A more complete collection of his paintings, which was on display at his home, is presented here.

Georges Jamet also made numerous pen drawings, which he grouped together in three albums. These albums are presented here.

Georges Jamet, photographer

Georges Jamet was also an amateur photographer, at a time when cameras were still not widespread.

A selection of his photos of the reconstruction of the locks of Saint-Malo after the war is presented here.

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